Local Ingredients for the World

Mrs. Supuli Sililari Wickramanayake, exportsAyurveda products sourced from local ingredients.In 2016 she took a bold decision to venture in to this competitive market.Currently Nature Healing Ayur exports its products to Europe and countries such as Japan Switzerland, Lithuania,and the Maldives.

Nature Healing Ayur (Pvt.) Ltd founded with an initial investment of Rs. 3,000 amidst economic difficulties, bears an investment capacity of Rs. 35 million, just after 4 years later.

Her husband who is a government Ayurveda medical practitioner gave tips on the know how. At times the storms were heavy but due to her strong determination and dedication she was able to turn things around . Within 4 years she was able to admirably generate 15 direct jobs and 300 – 400 indirect jobs.

‘new female entrepreneurs must face challenges without any fear’ said Mrs Wickramanayaka .

The product range is wide food Supplement As Capsules, Ex Moringa Dietary Supplement, Curcumine Dietary Supplement, Brahmi Dietary Supplement, Garcinia Dietary Supplement, Ashwagandha Dietary Supplement, Hibiscus Dietary Supplement are among the products.


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