TNA Supports UN Resolution against Sri Lanka

michelle bachelet

The main Tamil opposition has urged member states to support UN Human Rights High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet’s report on Sri Lanka saying that it is a move in the correct decision to establish the truth.

The TNA stated that the does not exceed its mandate but has “very correctly” pointed out the country’s failures with regard to its international obligations.
The alliance said in a statement that member states need to pass resolution 46/1, and deal with the issue of Sri Lanka’s failure to meet specific undertakings given to the UNHRC.

The TNA ridiculed Foreign minister Gunawardena’s rejection of the high commissioner’s report saying that he has overlooked the fact that many member states are in support of the facts presented by UN Human Rights High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet.

“tens of thousands” of alleged enforced disappearances of civilians during the armed conflict, including those who purportedly surrendered to the armed forces towards the end of the war.


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