Tamil MP opposes burial of COVID19 victims in Iranativu

A Tamil Parliamentarian has opened the protest against government plans to bury COVID19 victims in the Catholic predominant Iranathivu Island off Mannar.

MP C. Shireedharan called it a “massive conspiracy behind the government’s decision to bury the bodies of COVID19 victims who are likely of Muslims as Buddhists and Catholics have not opposed the current cremation decision.

The MP told the Media said the decision which is said to have been taken at present, is a new tactic by the government to conspire to strengthen tensions among the minority population through religious tensions that have already created tensions between the two minorities.

The Island belongs to the Kilinochchi district where Christian natives lived.

“There are people promoting various economic issues including seafood. They have settled on this island through the struggle of great people”, he said.

It was said that burial can be done scientifically as well.

He also said that the government was trying to gain the support of Muslim countries for the resolution to be brought against Sri Lanka, especially at the Geneva session.


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