State appointments should not serve relations or friends

By L.B.Senaratne

Governor Lalith B.Gamage made a warning remark to 329 newly appointed Government employees, that they should not think of friends, relations, or act in a deterrent manner nor resort to accepting gratifications, but to serve the people in the most traditional methods of a Public Officer.

The Governor was addressing fifty ‘ new ‘ public officers out of 329, who were presented with their letters of appointments. The rest of the newly appointed public officers, 279 in number were not invited to this event, in keeping with the Health guidelines.

These letters of appointment were given after training as Development Officers, Cooperative Development Officers, Colony Officers, Social Development Officers, and Tax officers.

Governor Gamage also pointed out in his address to the new appointees that there are Public officers who are involved in fraudulent transactions and also in preparing alleged false documents as in the case of the alleged ” Sigiriya land deal “. He said that he has taken the initiative to deal this with the assistance of the Police to investigate this alleged land deal and bring to book the culprits. He added that the ” Public Servant ” must to above all to serve the Public.

The Chief Secretary of the Provincial Council and other public officers attended this event.


1 The new appointees

2. Governor Lalith U. Gamage presents a letter of appointment to a new recruit to Public service

3. Oath was been recited by the new appointees to serve the people


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