Smahan in more than 30 countries across the globe

Link Natural has made its presence felt in over 30 countries including Russia, Japan, Latvia and in several countries of Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, with its products.

A busy trader Anthony Selvam from Queen bury Harrow in the UK smiles when he is asked whats the most sought after Sri lankan product in the Sri Lankan market .

The twinkle in hi eye and the look at shelf stacked with Samahan tells it all. Most Sri Lankan travelers pick a few Samahan packets from the Airport Food City shop if they have forgotten to buy some before arriving at the Airport .

The company’s flagship product “Link SAMAHAN” enjoys a significant commercial success having obtained approval from the Canadian health authorities and is available in the Middle East with Arabic pack description, In Japan with Japanese description and in Russia with Russian description. “Link SAMAHAN” also enjoys approved private label status in the USA.

Smahan is a cocktail of 14 herbs

Adathoda Root,Java galangal Rhizome , Ajowan Rhizome,Coriander Seed , Flase calumba Steam, Cumin Seed,Whole plant,Liquorice Stem,Piper longum Linn හරි Long pepper Fruit, ) Black pepper Fruit,Verbenaceae Root ,Yellow berried nightshade Whole Plant and Ginger are among these herbs neatly packed in to a Samahan is available on Amazon



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