Same Sex Wedding Becomes a Viral Affair in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan born Sithara and Canadian Jenn Fernando concluded that they had no other option than getting on to the traditional Poruwa to tell the others that they want to spend their live together .

In Sri Lanka same sex marriage is a very much a taboo subject and the wedding video is going viral and many are raising their eyebrows

The wedding video of Sithara and Jenn Fernando who married in October 2019 has had more than 600,000 views on you tube.
The irony here is although the couple challenged Sri Lankan culture they did not abandon the traditional wedding rituals.

“One of the things that was really important to me, and Jenn, was basically that we wanted to show that you can be queer and still celebrate your culture,” Sithara said in an interview with CBC’s Radio Active

Sithara said that she the blessings of her parents.

“My parents, who are immigrants who came to Canada in the 1980s … have just been incredibly supportive of my happiness, and of my union with Jenn.

Jenn and Sithara who live in Edmonton are very excited about the video going viral and are planning to celebrate when it reaches the million mark.


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