More than 200 inquiries about missing persons

The horrific incident where headless body was found packed in bag has brought a startling revelation that there are more incidents in the country where women and girls have gone missing from their houses.

After the body was found, as many as 200 telephone calls were received by the Dam Street Police OIC Ajith Peduruarchchi inquiring the description of body as they too were looking for persons who had gone missing.

Following the detection of the body, Police sought public assistance to identify the female victim and provided a phone number to which a large number of calls have been received over the past few days.

The calls have come from various individuals seeking information of their daughters or spouses, who have either been reported missing or have left their homes.

According to OIC Peduruarchchi some of the calls were from overseas while some had sent pictures of the missing persons.

Police sources said that in most of these cases women had either left their home due disputes or eloped with another person while in the case of young girls most of them have fallen out with their parents and left home.

“The reality is that there are many people looking out for their loved ones who have gone missing”, the officer said.


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