Police search for man who transported girl’s body in travelling bag

Police have launched a major search for a man who transported a body packed inside a travelling bag in public transport and then dump in the busy streets of Colombo.

The travelling bag with the body was found on Dam street on March 1 after a shop keeper alerted the police that an unattended bag was left behind.

Police who immediately went through available CCTV footage found that a youth had placed the bag and placed it at the location.

Further investigations have revealed that the body had been transported in route number 143 Hanwella – Pettah bus.

The driver and conductor have been arrested and the bus placed under police custody.

Police said that the conductor has said that he remembers that the youth had got into the bus from the location it started.

Police are using sniffer dogs to track down the youth who transported the body.

The body belongs a girl around 20 years. Her neck had been decapitated and the body was packed into the bag.


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