Former MP Hirunika nearly gets arrested

hirunika premachandra

Former Member of Parliament Hirunika Premachandra was nearly arrested after she got delayed to attend a High Court hearing where she charged for the abduction of a youth five years back.

At the outset of the case the State Counsel responsible for the prosecution informed courts that the accused was not present in Courts when the hearing commenced and requested that the Judge issues a warrant.

High Court judge Amal Ranaraja issued the warrant accordingly .

But, few minutes later Ms Premachandra turned up in courts and her lawyer pleaded that her client had been given the wrong advice that court sessions was commencing at 10.00 a.m. when should have been present at 9.45 a.m.

The lawyer Abimani Randeniya also told courts as Ms Premachandra was nursing her one and a half month old infant there was a delay in attending courts.

However, after Ms Premachandra’s lawyer pleaded that the warrant be withdrawn and Judge withdrew the warrant after warning her to be present in courts next time.

Ms Premachandra is charged of the abduction of a youth in Dematagoda and aiding and abetting the illegal detention of the youth in December 2015. She has pleaded not guilty for the offence while eight others charged for the offence pleaded guilty and were given a suspended sentence.

The case was re-fixed for July 06, 2021.


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