Foreign Secretary Rejects Militarization Accusations

Jayanath Colombage

Jayanatha Colombage , the newly appointed Sectary to the foreign ministry is seen as a symbol of the expanding militarization of the Gothabaya Rajapaksha regime while others see him as an officer and gentlemen who is capable of delivery.
In a interview with Aljazeera news the former navel commander battled a rough sea of questions and allegations and reminded the intervivewer that Sri Lanka is a independent and sovereign nation.

Colombage said that only about five military officers have been appointed as ministry sectaries while all other military officers have been appointed to tackle coordinating issues related to the Covid Pandemic.

He stressed that it is wrong to keep some one out of office because a person has served in the military and sighted the example of Colin Powel who served as Defense Sectary.
Speaking on the Indio –Srilanka relationships and the east terminal issue Colombage said that the government had to give in to people’s power and rejected allegations the government instigated Trade unions, to take to the streets in protest.


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