Diplomat makes a prominent Buddhist priest speechless

The venerable Kotapitiye Rahula Anunayaka thero Said that the comments made by the US ambassador Alaina B. Teplitz who came to see him made him speechless when she questioned the attitude of certain Buddhist priest.
He said that Alaina B. Teplitz pointed out that Buddhist priest in the USA enjoy religious freedom and they have built more than 80 temples within the country.

The thero further pointed out that the ambassador said to him that if the majority of the US citizens thought in the same manner as those who criticize the USA there would not be a single temple in the USA.
Venerable Kotapitiye Rahula thero said that he had to agree with the diplomat.
The venerable thero speaking at a book launch ceremony attended by foreign minister Dinesh Gunawardana pointed out that actions of some Buddhist priest are not helpful to the country.

‘Some of them are trying to win over the world by behaving aggressively,” said the thero.
He said that f Buddhist monks act according to the religious ethics of Buddhism they could win over the whole world with ease.


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