Catholics take part in ‘Black Sunday’ protest demanding justice

Catholics took part in protest campaigns outside churches in many parts of the country in what they called a ‘Black Sunday’ protest demanding that the government ensures justice for families affected by the Easter Sunday bombings.

Catholics dressed in black took part in the protest campaign after attending the regular Sunday masses.

Cardinal Malcom Ranjith took part in the silent protest outside the St Anthony’s shrine in Kochchikade where 56 of the 271 deaths were reported.

The protestors held placards and banners outside some of the churches.

Security had been stepped up outside the churches.

The protest came three weeks after a report of a Presidential Commission report on the attacks was handed over.

But Cardinal Ranjith has said that the Commission has failed to identify the group responsible and their motive to attack the Catholics.

Cardinal Ranjith has vowed to continued protest campaigns if the government fails to take action against those responsible for the attacks.


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