Another human smuggling racket busted off north western Sri Lanka

Another racket of illegally trafficking persons via sea routes to foreign countries has been busted by the Sri Lanka Navy based in Kalpitiya.

This time it was 24 persons including a woman and two children who had been promised a passage to Canada have been detected.

They were residents of Batticaloa and had been transported first to Batticaloa before being shifted to Wattala and then to Kalpitiya.

Those who organized the racket had charged Rs 300,00 to Rs 500,000 per person for the passage.

They were being held in a fishing cottage in Kurakkanhena, Kalpitiya. before being transferred by small boats to a large vessel.

A lorry ready to transport them to the beach was also seized by the navy. All of them are due to be produced in Courts on Friday.

Trafficking of persons via sea to foreign countries – mainly Australia had been kept under control for several years, but the latest detection was an indication that the operations had commenced again.

Most of the cases of the persons trying to leave overseas by boat were reported in the 2013- 2015 period.

The Australian government has spent millions to prevent persons trying to leave the country by boat. Educational and awareness campaigns have been carried out mainly focusing on the north western coastal areas and the south.


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