From where were the flag brought ?

By Sene Etulgama

Second of March , is considered as the day when the Kandyan Convention was signed, but it is not so. This document was only read and translated as it was read to the Mahanayake of Malwatta Venerable Kobbekaduwa Sri Nivasa Thera.

John D’Oyly does not indicate in his diary, the only document on which we could base the sequences on second of March 1815, does not indicate the bringing down of the British National Flag and replacing with one of the ‘ Sinhale ‘

It is said that Venerable Wariyagpola Sumangala Thera brought down the British Flag and replaced it with a Flag. What is the Flag that was replaced?

By this time all Flags belonging to King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe were taken away, which included his standard, which he adopted from the ” Pas Rata ” flag. Therefore it is a question as to from where Venerable Sumangala Thera brought this Flag to be flown at the Audience Hall vicinity.

We have to be guided by the diary of John D’Oyly and that of a reporter of ‘ London Times ‘ to the events of the day. There is no indication of any Flags, either of the Brtish or Sri Lankans.


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