Zhejiang Export online fair (SriLanka -Auto part) over Zoom from June 1 -5

“Zhejiang Export Online Fair (Sri Lanka – Auto Part)” conducted over Zoom Online Conference Platform, over a 5-day period from 01st June to 05th 2020 between 12.00 to 16.30 every day.

The global epidemic is spreading rapidly, export trade is facing severe challenges. With most global economists predicting an economic recession soon after the pandemic has been over, it is important for all businesses to prepare for its after-effects. As part of the global community, though our top priority is safety of our community, businesses must go on so that when the sorely hit economy is coming back on its feet, we can make it easier. To help enterprises broaden the sales channels, boost the development of ZHEJIANG MADE ALL NEED, we sincerely invite Sri Lanka’s well- known auto parts purchasers to meet virtually through online-communication opportunities for you. “Zhejiang Export Online Fair (Sri Lanka – Auto Part)” brings online growth engine for export trade enterprises, assists you in the overseas market development to achieve stable export trade, catch the order, expand channels. This online exhibition would be conducted over Zoom Online Conference Platform, over a 5-day period from June 1 to June 5 between 12.00 to 16.30 every day.

Most leading exporters, retailers and manufacturers of Auto parts and accessories would disclose unique products, attractive discounts and key tips in this online global exhibition. This transition to the digital platform follows numerous moves by global developers and businesses to go online with their exhibitions, even as the pandemic rages on with no signs of stopping. The move to go virtual has been inspired by the social distancing norms that are in place almost everywhere globally, and with no precedent to handle such a global pandemic or cure that can resist people from being infected, our best foot forward is to go online and the benefits of having “Zhejiang Export Online Fair (Sri Lanka – Auto Part)” go online actually allows us to open it up to all global contenders from the construction and related industries. There would be great takeaways over this 5 day conference, and a lot of networking that would definitely help you beat the economic recession that’s upcoming once we have all recovered from coronavirus pandemic.

To stay afloat in troubled times, we must all come together as a community and not only utilize this as an enriching experience, but also an enjoying experience that takes our mind off the global pandemic and the stressful news overflowing in our devices. The best time to prepare and proceed in your business, and interact as a buyer, or retailer, with big suppliers would be now, and Zhejiang Export realizes that and has brought forth an exclusive opportunity for you to invest smart and interact with the key suppliers, so that the journey ahead is smooth and stress-free for you.


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