The Best tea is community Tea

A Sri Lankan organic tea exporter, English Tea Shop, says it has got a new slice of the market by getting the community actively involved in the production process by ‘creating shared value’.

Suranga Herath, CEO of English Tea Shop (UK) Ltd told a forum in Colombo that company gained access to newmarkets with higher gains by being focused on throughout its supply chain. He ponted out “ markets customers are mindful and they look for a greater level of ethicality, purpose, radical transparency and authenticity across the value chain.” Suranga ponted out that there’s much catching up to be done in this regard.

Integrating societal improvement into economic value creation s a must said Suranga Herath.English Tea Shop was launched in 2010 focusing on the community as a focal point of its CSV business model.

English Tea Shop works with 12,000 small organic tea farmers and exports to 50 countries primarily in the European Union, US, Australia, UK and Japan generating an annual revenue of 20 million US dollars.


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